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“Vystopia is a brilliant summary of the second-hand suffering endured by those with the courage to see the first-hand suffering of animals for what it is: institutionalized sadism on a global scale. We must wake up the world to its own cruelty and this book offers the roadmap.”

Jane Velez-Mitchell

Author, Journalist ,

“Vystopia explores the key questions of our times - including how kind, gentle people stay sane and happy in a violent, non-vegan world - and should be read widely, especially by those in leadership positions.”

Michael Klaper, M.D.

Physician, Author

"This could be the “how to” book of the 21st century. Clare Mann has identified how those suffering because of their concern for animals that endure pain can transform their anguish into meaningful action for positive change and a path to a more compassionate, caring world."

Senator Lee Rhiannon

Greens Party Senator

This Book Will

Explain why living in a non-vegan world causes you so much anguish.
Get non-vegans to understand the depth and complexity of your pain.
Describe why veganism isn’t a lifestyle choice but moral imperative.
Explore why personal relationships with non-vegans are so problematic.
Deal with criticism that you’re judging others’ choices or paranoid asking, “What else don’t we know?”
Transmute your anguish into powerful action and collaborate to create a kinder world for animals.

"Vystopia s a timely addition to our body of knowledge of the human condition. Civilization will owe ethical vegans and thinkers like Clare Mann, a debt of gratitude it can never repay."

Phillip Wollen OAM

Investment Banker, Philanthropist, Kindness Trust

"A beautifully written, accessible and extensively researched book that holds up a mirror to society’s often conflicted and selective compassion. For those of us who are already vegan this book provides much needed solace and inspiration. To those who have not yet made the journey this book will challenge preconceptions in an inclusive, wise and thoughtful way."

Lynda Stoner

CEO Animal Liberation NSW

"A ground-breaking book, not only for vegans and mental health practitioners, but for anyone who previously had trouble understanding why vegans feel the way they do. It will revolutionize our understanding of the topic and I believe many people become vegan after reading this book."

Mark Doneddu

President Vegetarian Victoria, Event Manager World Vegan Day